Hawkeye Helicopter

The Hawkeye Helicopter is the latest remote controlled helicopter recently released by Air Hogs. Not only is this a great little remote control helicopter, but it also features an inbuilt camera that allows you to take pictures and videos  while you fly –  Wow!

Hawkeye Helicopter
Hawkeye Helicopter

The Air Hogs Hawk Eye Helicopter and camera – the first ever indoor remote control helicopter that can take videos and photos while flying!

Air Hogs Hawk Eye Helicopter

Thanks to the revolutionary Steady-Fly technology, the Hawkeye helicopter this awesome  remote control helicopter can shoot clear and steady video. A camera sits in front of the motor, and a computer chip levels the craft in choppy air by adjusting the force and speed of the two three inch rotors.  Transfer your photos and footage to your computer where you can edit them using free online editing package, and hey – while you download, your helicopter automatically recharges so it’s ready for your next flight!

See Hawk Eye Remote Control Helicopter in ACTION…..

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Remote Control Helicopter

The Hawkeye helicopter , is a 2 channel indoor helicopter that can move up, down or left or right. It features a 4 way flight control and a revolutionary Tail Lock technology for easy, stable flight. Check ou the revolutionary Hawkeye Helicopter product features such as…

Steady-Fly™ technology

The Hawk Eye comes with our revolutionary steady-fly tm technology which has revolutionised the world of indoor flight. The helicopter features built-in software can detect flight instability and auto adjust the rotor rotation to maintain balance, resulting in an exceptionally stable and enjoyable flight experience!

Built in Remote Control Camera

You can the hawkeye helicopter just  in fly mode, or use the video and photo buttons located on your controller to capture photos or video footage. The helicopter can take up to 5 minutes of video at a resolution of 320 x 240 or it can take hundreds of photos at a resolution of 640 x 480. Get great  footage from angles you never thought possible.  The video camera does not record sound, but you can easily add sound effect using the online editing package.

Don’t you wish that you could be a fly on the wall?

Easily download  your Photos and Videos

Simply plug your Hawkeye helicopter into your computer using the USB key to transfer your image and video files to your computer, while the helicopter recharges.

Easy Online Editing

Not only that, but Air Hogs have an awesome online editing feature that you can use absolutely free to edit your photos and video to create you own movie masterpieces. Edit the footage, and add cool sound effects and images to personalize your videos, and when you are done. It’s so totally easy to upload them to sites such as Youtube and Facebook to share with your friends. For more information check out the Hawkeye Helicopter review.


Item model number: CP-MISC-990